Lazyapps CHMate v1.1 iPhone iPod Touch-Lz0PDA

CHMate is a CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) document/ebook reader for iPhone and iPod touch, and aiming for improving experiences for small screen reading, especially on:

- Reflowing document to fit device's screen size.
- Customizable text formatting.
- Reading by tapping, also can scrolling depending on your favor.

- Auto positioning page to proper place by tapping top/bottom (also can be customized to left/right) on the screen.
- Lock auto rotation so that you can read lying down to the side.
- Built-in image browser.
- Built-in browser for visiting external links, "Read It Later" integrated.
- Customizable font family and size.
- Customizable document background, normal text and link text color.
- Customizable alignment, line height, paragraph spacing, paragraph indentation and page margin.
- Bookmarks management for each document.
- Table of contents and indexies if available.
- Search in Library, table of contents and bookmarks.
- Support document's title and encoding editing.
- File management with Wi-Fi connection.